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A projection screen of my artwork in both past and present skill.



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United States
I'm 17 years old and attending the university of a rural area with nothing but wheat fields and alcoholic athletes. I've lived here my entire life and have come to evade both sides of the mirror. I'm neither a local patriotic farmer nor a student obligated to follow trends for popularity and acceptance. I recognized the segregation and yearned for a lifestyle of my own.
I'm currently studying pharmaceutical practice, and physics. Medical science resembles a vast part of my life and focus, though the occasional art course is what maintains my mind from imploding. I love art. I love drawing. Books and studies aside, art stabilizes my stress and enables me to breathe from the suffocating world of endless work in which we live.

“Two percent of the people think; three percent of the people think they think; and ninety-five percent of the people would rather die than think.” -George Bernard Shaw
Holding hands and blowing kisses,
Constant replayed cliches,
Sacrifices meant to be paid,
Frolic across charred cement,
Happiness compresses broken up scenes,
Like, smiling after a fucked up dream,
Alleviated and elevated we surface,
Gasping for polluted air,
We fill our half-empty selves,
Only to float beyond the sphere,
Up up up, no abrupt turns,
Tears fall into our lashes,
Burn holes into our soul,
Staining space with white drops,
Fluorescent paint always glows,
Together we fall,
At the same pace to infinity.

In the corner we reside,
Physical touch extinguishes verbal words,
The wall tilts and within our shadows we slip,
Shape shifting figures glide across our flesh,
Like colliding bullets we implode,
Wounds bleed deep,
Exposing red against black,
Strings of color bring us together,
Laugh now gentle heart,
Scream to the beings,
And with frightened eyes they scatter,
To be left alone,
The wall descends in the distance,
Like a firefly the entrance dims,
With no exit we have eternity,
Together we fall,
At the same pace to infinity.

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Thank-you, I believe I will enjoy it here. c:
This site was crafted well for artists. I love the diversity.
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np :D
indeed^^ thats one of the fun parts of being here :glomp:
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